All You Need To Know About Aesthetic Injectables in Singapore

Aesthetic and cosmetic injectables are used interchangeably in the beauty industry. Whilst there are differences in the technical terms of aesthetic and cosmetic, the end goal is often the same: improving one’s appearance. The usage of aesthetic injectables is increasingly normalised, with social media being the main attributor [1] to the widespread awareness and normalisation. Gone are the days when we were in awe of Hollywood stars, dumbfounded by their mysterious ways of sustaining ever-green beauty. 

In fact, a survey conducted on Singaporean youths showed that the vast majority of people in this demographic are becoming increasingly accepting of aesthetic or cosmetic treatment. This is reflected in the fact that we are a Google search away from knowing which injectable can bring us closer to attaining our dream beauty standard. Whilst the information on injectables is abundant, it can also leave you with dreadful decision fatigue. In this article, we take a deep dive into aesthetic injectables, empowering you on which one is the best fit for you. 

Aesthetic injectables
There is an array of aesthetic injectables, each with different capabilities and advantages.

What are aesthetic injectables?

Injectables are “injections” filled with specific filler products to treat various dermatological concerns. The intention may be on an aesthetic basis (to improve the skin's general appearance) or to target specific skin concerns such as acne scarring. Although there is no “perfect” injectable that will address all skin concerns within one administration, there are still many options available in the market today, each with different capabilities. Below is a general guideline on differentiating one from the other: 

Types of injectables Neuromodulator toxinHyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers  Biostimulator fillers
Mechanism Blocks chemical signals that contract muscle. It induces muscle relaxation at the target area, smoothing lines and wrinkles. Attracts water into deeper dermal layers for a hydrating effect. It can also be injected for volumisation, contouring, and smoothening lines and wrinkles.Works with biological functions of the body to improve collagen production in target areas. 
Material Botulinum toxin [2]Hyaluronic acid [3]Poly-L-lactic acid [4], calcium hydroxyapatite [5], polymethylmethacrylate [6]
Popular brands in Singapore Botox®Rejuran (I), Juvederm Sculptra®, Radiesse®, Bellafill®
Concerns Saggy and droopy skin, wrinkles, crows feet, frown lines, and  forehead furrow Acne, wrinkles, undereye circles, skin volumisation, and smoothing of lip lines Ageing prevention and addressing deep ageing lines in nasolabial folds, marionette lines, or chin.
Durability 3-4 months 6-12 months12-24 months 
Prefered by Patients seeking an immediate remedy for signs of ageing. Patients seeking to address specific skin concerns such as acne scarring and imperfections around the eyes and lips. Patients are typically prepared to wait longer to see visible results. Patients keen on improving biological function and are prepared to wait up to 6 weeks to see visible results. 

Choosing your aesthetic injectable

Now that you are armed with a basic comprehension of the different types of injectables, you can gauge precisely which injectable may best suit you. If you are still confused and uncertain, below are some guiding questions that may provide more clarity. Present the answer to your aesthetic doctor, and they should be able to assign the best injectable for your case. 

  1. What are my skin concerns?
    The answers may range from acne and acne scarring to skin dullness or signs of ageing. You do not necessarily need to pick a singular issue; a combination of skin concerns may also be addressed with one or more aesthetic injectables. 
  1. How long am I willing to wait for visible results?
    It is best to be honest about your patience, as some patients become disheartened early in their treatment. Some injectables must be administered 2-3 times at multiple-week intervals to complete a session. This is also why aesthetic professionals oppose free trials, as a single session is inadequate to address any issue. 
  1. What are my long-term skin goals and plans?
    Can you invest in injectables in the long term? How many times are you capable and willing to return to your doctor’s office to sustain the results you are aiming for? These are important questions to answer so that you can gauge the financial investment you will be required to make to manage and maintain your results. 

Selecting an aesthetic injectable is often collaborative work, so expect a solution that best fits your demands and capabilities. 

Choosing your aesthetic injectables service provider in Singapore

Next comes choosing a professional you can entrust with administering aesthetic injectables in Singapore. This is often the next phase of decision fatigue patients face. When it comes to injectables, we urge patients to refrain from cutting corners or skimping. Strive for quality because handing your skin to the wrong hands can often result in irreparable and permanent damages. 

There are a plethora of aesthetic clinics in Singapore, so here are some factors to consider when choosing an aesthetic professional in Singapore: 

  • Qualifications: be sure to screen the professional and confirm that they are qualified to administer injectables. Qualification can entail medical academic background and years of experience under their belt. 
  • Ethnic-friendly clinics: it is important to identify clinics aware of ethnic-specific solutions. Singapore is a culmination of different skin tones and melanin levels. The general guideline for skin procedures tends to be generated based on results from Caucasian skin, in which most trials are conducted [7]. It is important to identify professionals who are aware of different skin tone requirements to prevent adverse effects and to ensure the best results. 
Injectables for Asian skin
Asian skin tones often require a different approach to treatment even for aesthetic injectables. 
  • Skill-specific professionals: aesthetic professionals are usually proficient in a few specific areas. Identify professionals who have enlisted proficiency in specific treatments and areas. Upon consultation, they should be able to provide the treatment you requested or an alternative solution that may be better for you. 
  • Consultation manners: trained professionals must assess your skin and gauge the best treatment for you during consultation. If the treatment professional did not conduct your consultation, move on to another clinic. 
  • Health and life consideration: another red flag to look out for is a professional who does not inquire about or address underlying health conditions or lifestyle factors. Certain health conditions may be worsened with injectables, whereas certain lifestyles may reduce the efficacy of aesthetic injectables. Given the variety of subjective efficacy of injectables, health and lifestyle must be investigated during consultation. 
Active lifestyle
Those with active lifestyles benefit less from aesthetic injectables like Botox as they metabolise faster.

The risks of injectables

The risks vary depending upon the injectables chosen and if patients have any specific health conditions that may present side effects. Generally, injectables may present signs of swelling, bruising, and redness. These tend to resolve within a week, depending upon the specific type of injectable. 

An adverse effect [8], on the other hand, may include hyperpigmentation, rashes, fillers not dissolving, filler migration, droopiness, vision obstruction, mild tinnitus, and many more. It may be worth reinstating the importance of choosing a high-quality service provider when adding aesthetic injectables to your beauty regime. Opting for a  medically qualified professional will reduce your overall risk. 

With great accessibility comes great scrutiny 

Injectables are no longer just reserved for the rich and powerful. The layman is a decision away from accessing injectables and attaining their ideal beauty standards. However, the accessibility of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments in Singapore has been accompanied by much scrutiny [9]. 

The beauty industry in Singapore has been critiqued for fueling insecurities and driving the cause of unrealistic beauty standards. Around the world, an even younger demographic is seen uptaking various aesthetic treatments [10] to achieve their ideal beauty standards. As anticipated, where there is demand, supply follows. 

Generally, it is best to reserve aesthetic injectables for adulthood. This way, you are more informed and aware of your choices. Working with an aesthetic professional who has your best interest at heart will also go a long way. This includes ensuring you do not excessively alter your face, diminish natural and ethnic beauty qualities, or generally distort your face to the point of no return. 

That being said, one should not be shamed or be guilt-tripped for wanting to achieve their highest beauty standard. As humans, it is natural for us to strive for the best and if your journey to seek injectables is fueled to address insecurities and achieve higher confidence, more power to you. We hope this article has empowered you to make your best decision. 


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