Dr Lee Mun Heng
Founder of Cambridge Medical Group
Founder of Beyond Medical Group
Dr Lee Mun Heng is the Founder at Cambridge Medical Group, a medical aesthetic clinic that provides bespoke and technologically advanced procedures. Drawing from his experience as a scholar and graduate of the prestigious Cambridge University, Dr Lee has a passion for aesthetic medicine and healthcare entrepreneurship, and is a key opinion leader in the world of aesthetics and aesthetic technology.
With more than 15 years of medical aesthetics experience under his belt, Dr Lee believes in enhancing his patients’ beauty through safe, holistic, and minimally invasive procedures. In addition to being the Founder at Cambridge Medical Group, Dr Lee also used his wealth of experience and vision of comprehensive healthcare to establish and expand Beyond Medical Group – a collection of specialist clinics, aesthetic clinics, and a medical aesthetic spa. He works closely with his specialist colleagues in the group to deliver holistic and integrative care for their patients. He strongly believes in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach in the practice of medicine to optimise care for every patient.

Dr Lee has also successfully facilitated and closed investments from ESW Manage, and recently, private equity firm Altair Capital, positioning Beyond Medical Group as a dynamic and growth-oriented healthcare organisation. Altair Capital is an affiliate of Polaris Capital Group, Japan's leading mid-cap buyout group with over US$4 Billion in assets under management.



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